Is Covid over yet? Can we all travel freely without the fear of coronavirus?

Hey Motorhead! How have you been? Bored, right! We know!

Today, we write this open letter to you to make sure that all of our family stays happy and healthy. Hope you are in your home, looking at your bike and imagining all the roads you are going to take her on!

Covid 19 needs no introduction. We are all in the throes of the deadliest pandemic the world has ever seen, the Covid 19 pandemic. Coronavirus has wreaked havoc in our lives. Not one individual, family, institution or group, is left untouched by this harrowing nightmare. This deadly virus has taken lives, destroyed livelihoods and is leaving no stone unturned in destroying the lives of people.

Is Covid over yet? Can we all travel freely without the fear of coronavirus?

As India has entered the third stage of transmission, ‘community transmission’, it is imperative to stay safe from this deadly disease. But a worrying trend has come to sight. India is also moving to an ‘Unlock’ mode which essentially means resumption of economic activity; of course, with certain rules and regulations in place. But the most problematic part is, that with the ‘Unlock’ phase being rolled out, we feel that we have beaten the pandemic. This false sense of security allows us to venture outside carelessly, without taking into account the part that we are playing in the spread of coronavirus; causing harm to ourselves, our loved ones and people who come into our contact. 

In other countries, the lockdown was lifted only when the number of new cases per day had started declining. But, this does not seem the case with India. India is yet to reach its peak as cases are still accelerating on an increasing rate. 

In the above graph, it can be clearly seen that the number of new cases per day has been actively rising since the lockdown opened up on June 1, 2020 in India. This means that you are not safe from THE KILLER CORONA. 

Are you willing to risk the lives of your friends and family?

THE KILLER CORONA has the potential to kill your loved ones. If you are not willing to risk the lives of your friends and family, then you have to stick to the 4 walls of your house. 

The virus is still there, stuck to contaminated surfaces, in the coughs and sneezes of an infected person but unseen to the naked eye. This does not mean that it is any less dangerous; now that the lockdown has opened up and economic activity, throughout the country has resumed. 

How is the RIDER impacted by the coronavirus?

The brunt of lockdown was the hardest on us motorcyclists, bikers and drivers. Only we can understand the agony of having to wake up every morning, look at our mean machine and realize how much we miss our therapeutic rides. There is no emotion in the world which can compensate for what you feel when you are riding, lost in the relief of wind piercing through the skin. No amount of words is enough to describe how challenging it is for riders, who haven’t gone for a ride in months, to stay at home. 

Even now, when the lockdown has ended and India is in the process of unlocking herself, the threat of Coronavirus is all too real. It is best to stay safe rather than becoming prey to the deadliest infection world has ever seen. 

But if you have to absolutely step out due to some emergency, review this list of precautions which should be taken by riders before venturing out into the open.

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We know that the future does not look very bright. But hey! Get up. Don’t lose out on all hope. As responsible motorcyclists, we have to make sure that we do not play any role in the spread of coronavirus. We understand how difficult it is to stay contained in 4 walls but we assure you that there we are going to get through this, one day at a time. With some patience and a bit of luck, we will definitely see brighter days ahead where we will be able to ride freely, sans fear.

To be Continued…

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