We, bikers, are out there for no one but ourselves on roads. It is your duty, as a rider, to take care of yourself and your family. A small lapse on your part and your family will suffer the impact of your minor mistake.

Inline-4 cares deeply for its family. As your family, we are advising you to stay safe at your homes. We know it’s very difficult to get up in the morning and sit home, instead of going out for a ride. But, at times, some emergencies can arise when you would have to venture out despite your will.

Enlisted above, are some of the precautions you should follow in your daily lives. But, as a rider, what precautions can you take during those emergency times where you have no choice but to step out? How can you, as a rider, take care of yourself and your family? How can you make sure that you are not playing any part in the spread of the KILLER CORONA?


  1.  Use your visor as your shield against Corona virus.

Wearing a mask at all times, is a non-negotiable precaution. But, since we are a community of bikers and riders; we have the option of using our visor as our mask. We can use the visor to protect ourselves against any and all infections. While riding, one should cover his/her face with the visor in order to protect him and the others around him. Also, when you step off your bike to buy something or to get some work done, you should not take off your helmet as it acts as your shield. 

Also, carry an extra face mask always. In the event that you have to take off your helmet; you can wear your face mask!

  1. Carry a small bottle of sanitizer with you

It is the most practical option to carry a small bottle of sanitizer with you in your pocket or your bag. Try to avoid touching any surfaces on your journey and even if you have to touch them, sanitize your hands, both before and after touching the surface.

  1. Sanitize your bike and helmet, before and after the ride.

Plan your ride strategically and plan it well in advance. Before going for a ride, you can sanitize your bike and helmet with a surface cleaner. After coming back from the ride, repeat the same activity to be completely safe from Coronavirus.

  1. Physical distancing, not social distancing!

The government has asked its citizens to maintain a distance of at least 2 metres from other people. Distancing yourself physically from other people will help curb the spread of Coronavirus. 

  1. Protocol on clothing

Full sleeved clothes will prevent the direct contact of the Coronavirus with your skin. Also, as soon as one returns home, one should change into some other pair of clothes and wash the clothes that were worn outside. To disinfect the clothes, one can use the following guide: MedicalNewsToday.

  1. Pack your own tiffin to avoid eating outside

It is not safe to eat from restaurants and eateries outside since we can never be sure of the hygiene measures the eateries are abiding by. Instead, go old school, and pack yourself a lunch with whatever dish you like. This way, you won’t have to stop your bike to eat food anywhere and you are also sure of the quality of food that you are eating. 

In case, you have no alternative but to stop to have a meal; you should try and pick places where you are sure that the food is being prepared and served hygienically. Also, all precautions should be taken to keep yourself and the ones around you safe.

  1. Carry your own essentials with you

Avoid purchasing essentials in the midst of your journey; except if you are going to purchase essentials only. Carrying your own essentials is a very fruitful exercise as it helps to shorten the length of your journey significantly and also minimizes your contact with anybody else.

  1. Go Cashless

Instead of using cash to make or receive payments, you can switch to e-money which is more convenient and sanitary. Also, it does not involve the exchange of notes which essentially passes between your hands and thus, becomes a carrier of germs. Besides, the penetration of E-Money all over India has enabled us to explore online options of payment So, why not take all the benefits, if you can!

Riding or even venturing out of the house is not safe in these pandemic times. We deeply love and care for our family. Hence, we are urging you to not step out unless it is really necessary. But, in times, when it is extremely necessary to step out, do follow all the precautions to STAY SAFE!

Personal Note: 

Hey Rider

We know it is extremely gruesome to stay inside and not step out. But we promise that there is a beautiful world waiting to be discovered on your motorcycle. We have all the time in the world to do it together. But today, you need to stay alive in order to feel alive later. This pandemic might have gotten to our skin and throat and lungs but we will not let it shatter our spirits. We will put up a united face in these unprecedented times of pandemic by staying in our homes. We will get out of this, stronger than ever. TOGETHER 

With a big heart and smile

With love and passion

Your family


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