Amidst all the anticipation, they held the IBW on the 6th of December. It was the biggest gift that any motorcyclist could have had after the two-years of starvation. At Inline-4, our sleepless nights had started a week before. Half of us lost our fingernail while the rest were on the verge of losing our fingers. We felt like kids waiting for Christmas presents. We planned ourselves for the event and our stall. We booked our stay, got all our stuff packed, and left for Goa a day prior, with all our excitement intact. On reaching Goa we checked into our beautiful villa, which was close to the venue. We did not have a lot of time to spare as we just had a day left. All of us freshened up, gulped our breakfast, and left for the venue. On reaching we got our passes and then we set up our stall space. After finishing all our work we visited the famous Vagator Beach, which was right behind the venue. After day-long labor, the beach felt extremely soothing and refreshing. We had some amazing time; we were sharing our excitement and gazed at the beautiful waves. We got to tell this, there is something about Goa that is soothing, we don’t know if it’s the beaches, the trees, or the people, it just rewires you completely even if you are down, it just lightens up your spirits and brings you back on your heels. After all the huff and puff, we went back home and started preparing for the big day. We got everything properly sorted out before we went to sleep.

Day one-

The next morning we woke up early, completed our morning chores, quickly filled up our tummies, and left for the venue. On reaching we set up our stall with INLINE-4 products and also launched many more inline-4 exclusives, the most important launch of all was the official Candida Louis merchandise. She is one of our dearest friends and a motorcycle influencer, who has traveled 9 countries covering over 29000kms solo on her bike from Bengaluru to Sydney. 

After setting up our stall gradually people started gathering up and started enquired about us as we were the new kids in the town. We had an amazing experience conversing with those motor-heads. Most of them loved our products, and many bought our stuff too.

The KTM bike club gathered up to enter the IBW, none other than our Candida Louis. Slowly all the bikers and clubs started entering and the complete arena resonated with the sound of bike revs. Those bike notes kinda lit up the atmosphere and proclaimed the start of IBW 2019. Our stall also buzzed with many people, and that kept us busy and excited. In the meantime, we took turns and went to check out various amazing events that were happening around us.


Harley-Davidson, in collaboration with Rajputana Customs, had set up a flat-track at the venue and allowed participants to experience the sport atop flat-track-prepped motorcycles based on the 750cc Harley-Davidson V-twins. You had to enroll and they would also prep you before the ride. It was amazing to see this initiative by Harley where anyone could enjoy the flat track experience. We also visited the KTM expo to experience the new Husqvarna twins. Not to forget, the India-bound 790 Adventure also appeared maidenly on our shores at the festival and so did the Beast, The Super Duke 1290 R. KTM being the official sponsors painted the entire IBW in orange. In the meantime, we also had time to meet some of our favorite influencers, and a lot of them spent time at our stall and bought our products. They expressed their love for us by appreciating our product designs and packaging. In the evening there were these amazing rock music vibes combined with motorcycle revs, and the blend of both was pure orgasm to the ears. 


Towards the end of the day, motorcyclists tromped us. Everyone showed so much love for our products, and we sold most of our stuff. Slowly the noise died, and we had to leave for our villa. We reached our place and all of us dozed off immediately cause we knew we had a very busy day waiting for us.

Day two-

It was day two and all of us were on heels. We left for the venue and got our products stacked up in our stall. Bikes started entering, and they started the IBW buzz for the day. People came to our stall, and we had quite many people coming to us. We got to meet Alex Chacon. He is a travel and lifestyle Vlogger who travels around the world on his motorcycle and has over 3 lakh subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Later we went to see the Rog Bangross stunt show, KTM organized that. The show was just breathtaking. They did everything they could with the motorcycle; they flung it in the air like they meant it to fly, and they toyed with the bikes. After watching it, all of us wanted to try out stunt riding with our motorcycles. We watched a few more shows and got back to our camp. 

In the evening Candid Louis joined us at the stall and we saw a huge craze for her by people. And the crowd around our stall was huge, and we were house-full. Many people came and showered their love for our products and conveyed their heartfelt opinions to us. We were awestruck because we did not expect to get such a huge response.


The famous YouTuber Jasminder Singh (JS Films) came by our stall and took some of our stuff. We took photos with him and his motorcycle. Towards the end of the day, we sold all our stuff off. We were so satisfied with how everyone received our products. The noise died down; it was like the silence after a tremendous blast.

Like all good things, our time at IBW also had to end and we can’t wait for the 2020 edition. 

As the COVID-19 situation is easing off and major crowd gatherings, places like malls and parks are already open for the public and its expected schools and colleges will return to normalcy towards the end of September. But, according to our sources, IBW is unlikely to happen this year. And it makes sense with a pandemic in place. Let us hope and keep our fingers crossed.